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"Brazenness and boldness while always inherent character traits of William Jefferson Clinton, have now been fully focused on the complete destruction of our intelligence agencies. With his recent appointment of Anthony Lake to CIA Director, and Lake's close ties to the Marxist Institute for Policy Studies, the CIA will cease to be an important guardian of our security. The gates are open, and our enemies are stepping through its portals to complete our destruction from within.".......Freedom From Fiats Foundation, December 5, 1996

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Anthony Lake

CIA Director, 1997 - Nomination Withdrawn

Our very own State Department has long been recognized as an intelligence sieve; their treasonous acts have been in the best interests of our enemies, and beneficial to their Marxist allies. Senator Joseph McCarthy accomplished much in exposing the traitors, but his work remains unfinished, and the situation in the State Department has grown ever worse without Congressional vigilance.

It was in this climate of subversion that Anthony Lake launched his life as a career bureaucrat. Lake was brought into the State Department by Cyrus Vance as part of the Carter Administration's Transition Team. He was Head of the Policy Planning Office in the State Department in the Carter Administration. He was formerly a Director of International Voluntary Services, a pacifist organization. He served on the National Security Council under Kissinger and resigned because of disagreement over the Cambodian incursion.

He has a close association with the Institute for Policy Studies.

But gets better...

  • On page thirteen of Covert Cadre by Dr. S. Powell....
    Dozens of U.S. Government officials have taught and participated in its[IPS Washington School] programs. [list includes] W. Anthony Lake....

  • and then on page 57...

    The Center for National Secutity Studies Kicks Off

    CNSS launched its activities with a two-day conference on September 12and 13, 1974, in the Russell Senate Office Building. Sens. Edward Brook(R-Mass.), Phillip Hart (D-Mich.), and James Abourezk (D-S.Dak.), andRep. Michael Harrington (D-Mass.) lent credibility to the proceedingsand papers presented by chairing various panels during the two-dayconference. Thus from its inception CNSS was accorded serious attentionon Capitol Hill. Senator Hart personally welcomed some three hundredparticipants, many of them legislative aides, saying that Congressshould be "indebted to them...for their serious efforts to unravelproblems." That these efforts to unravel problems were limited to anagenda that stacked the deck against the intelligence community seemedto bother no one.

    The proceeding amounted to a trial of the CIA, which was assumed guiltyof various crimes; the embattled CIA director William Colby, facednearly two dozen accusers, critics, and witnesses. The first day'spanel discussions were chaired by people almost entirely hostile to theCIA: "The Structure and Function of the Intelligence Community" waschaired by Victor Marchetti and John Marks; "Covert Operations andDecision Making," by David Wise; "Surreptitious Entry" by David Ross; and"The CIA and Watergate" by Walter Pincus. The next day's offeringswere: "Covert Operations and Decision Making," chaired by MortonHalperin and Anthony Lake, Sen Frank Church's legislative aide;.....

One of the elements of Lake's bonding with the IPS is evident with his association with theNorth American Congress on Latin America (NACLA). NACLA was founded in 1966 by members of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). NACLA's Berkeley office is headed by Jon Frappier, a former member of the terrorist Weathermen and of the Venceremos Brigade (young Americans who travelled to Cuba to be trained in revolutionary techniques). An affiliate of the Berkeley office is Research Associates International (RAI) , an organization active in research against CIA activities around the world. NACLA and RAI are cooperating on a computer data bank on American intelligence activities.

In Target America, James L. Tyson furnishes us with more insight into the alien loyalties of Lake:

A close associate of NACLA is Richard Feinberg, former Peace Corps volunteer, who was working as an economist at the U.S. Treasury's Office of Development Policy. Among the Letelier (Chilean Communist and paid agent of the Cuban Intelligence Directorate, DGI) Papers was a letter from Elizabeth Farnsworth of NACLA to Letelier about a report being prepared on Chile:

"Richard Feinberg, who is co-authoring our report with me, will contact you for an interview. Do not tell anyone else he is working on the project please. It wouldn't help his work at Treasury (obviously)."

Soon after this correspondence became public, Feinberg resigned from Treasury and was hired by Anthony Lake, former associate of the Center for International Policy (CIP), of which Orlando Letelier was a staff member as well. CIP is a research/advocacy group critical of human rights violations friendly toward the United States.

Tyson's book, Target America, page 206, further elaborates on Lake's early assaults on our intelligence agencies during the Carter Adminstration:

Large numbers of appointments in the new administration went to ultra-liberal and radical followers of this group[McGovern wing of the Democratic Party], including Anthony Lake, who took charge of Carter's transition team for the State Department, and David Aaron, who became second in command of the National Security Council under Brzezinski. Lake had close ties to the Institute for Policy Studies, and Aaron had been on the Board of the Center for International Policy, one of the Fund for Peace radical think tanks.

Under the guidance of such officials during the first few years of the Carter administration, a further dismantling of the CIA took place, with more wholesale firings of over 800 people, mainly in the covert intelligence and counter-intelligence branches. Counter-intelligence virtually went out of existence, and covert intelligence, said one veteran, lost the equivalent of thousands of years of experience.

The Carter Administration also promulgated a series of executive orders further restricting the activities of the CIA, limiting its power of surveillance and its ability to gather covert information and counter-intelligence, vital activities in defense of our country.

Mondale and Aaron were backed up by elements of the Far Left Lobby, including Halperin's CNSS and his Campaign for Political Rights, the ACLU, and Lillian Hellman's(Communist), Committee for Public Justice.

But by late 1978 these efforts to further hobble the CIA were being overtaken by events. Early in his administration he had decried "the inordinate fear of Communism," but by 1978 his administration had experienced several intelligence disasters:

  • The failure to forecast the revolution in Afghanistan.
  • Complete mis(dis)information on the upheavals in Iran.
  • Angola's invasion of Zaire. Carter accused Cuba of helping to train and command the Angolan forces and then was unable to produce adequate evidence supporting this charge - - a major embarrassment for the U.S. in the UN and before World opinion.
  • Detection of a Soviet brigade in Cuba.

So.....W. Anthony Lake returns to complete his unfinished business - the complete destruction of this country's intelligence agencies, a necessary accomplishment for our successful submersion into the black hole of the New World Order.


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