Landau PictureLandau: (from letter found in Orlando Letelier's[Cuban Intelligence] briefcase)---
"I think that at age forty the time has come to dedicate myself to narrower pursuits, namely, making propaganda for American socialism. It is still a forbidden word here, but eventually someone, or some group of people will have to put it together with a serious political movement. We cannot any longer just help out third world movements and revolutions, although obviously we shouldn’t turn our backs on them, but get down to the more difficult job of bringing the message home."

LANDAU (From IPS 30th anniversary brochure):
author, poet, filmaker and lecturer
IPS fellow


Columnist for the San francisco Chronicle
1988-1992, on panel to select Fulbright Scholars


Attended University of Wisconsin - Madison at same time Cora (Rubin) Weiss.
Has worked with noted film maker (and TNI fellow) Haskell Wexler.
Succeeded Orlando Letelier (assassinated) as head of Transnational Institute.

Encyclopedia of the American Left

- Latin American Studies, p.410.

".....A center [at Stanford] for the study of the region [Latin America]...influence of Stanford's Marxist economist Paul Baran, attracted a number of students who came with or developed a Left perspective... included...Saul Landau.

Studies on the Left - p.758

Studies on the left...begun in the fall of 1959 at the University of Wisconsin...stood with one leg in the old progressive camp.....Also in the balance of influence was the old Communist Party Left, a tradition viewed by the editors as relevant, but very uncomfortable heritage...the editors [included] Saul Landau...


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